Shred Guitar Series Introduction

Shred Guitar Series – Introduction

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Welcome to the introduction of the Shred Guitar Series. In this series of posts I will gather the most relevant information on shredding from what I’ve picked up during the years in the style of the guitar heroes like Yngwie Malmsteen, Jason Becker, Tony MacAlpine, Marty Friedman, Joey Tafolla just to mention a few heroes from the golden era. And I promise that there will be no 8-string djenting. If you have any requests or tips on what to cover feel free to send me an e-mail.

Lesson Overview

In the first lesson  of the Shred Guitar Series we will cover different warmup exercises that also helps you develop your technique. In the second lesson we will cover all the picking techniques, alternate, economy, sweeps, finger and hybrid picking. After that we are going to look at scales and improvisation. The lessons will be a combination of text and video with a downloadable backing tracks and PDF. I can’t give you an exakt timeline since time is quite limited with a full time job, family and several bands. If you find these lessons useful and would like to support my work you are very welcome to become a Patron at where you’ll also get some bonus features as behind the scene footage, downloadable music and other goodies. And please don’t forget to drop me a note if you have specific topics you would like me to cover.

Part 1 – Warm-up exercises

In the next part we will start with checking out some different warmup exercises. Hope to see you then!

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