Guitar training

Guitar Training Philosophy

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Guitar training

Today I’m going to share my philosophy when it comes to guitar training. I think it’s extremely important to see that technique is just a tool to express your musical voice. It’s not important how fast you can go on your metronome playing sixteenth notes. You’ll see guys on Youtube breaking world records in speed and to be honest it sounds like shit. Though its a good exercise and that is just what it is, exercise.

The goal is to create and play music. I come up with different exercises, play to a metronome and practice so that when I write music I’m not limited by my technique, hopefully. Of course this is a very individual subject. If you are into blues and country music you’re probably more interested in practicing finger picking than sweeping harmonic minor arpeggios. And thats the beauty about music, we all have different taste and preferences.

I’m currently working on some lessons in which I’ll describe my approach, what worked for me. Things I figured out along the way. Some will be posted here for free on the website and some will be exclusive for my followers on Patreon. The reason I’m using Patreon is that it takes quite some time to write these lessons and involves recording, editing, graphics, writing etc. and every small contribution enables me to create even more material.

Here’s another post about improving skills if you’ve missed it.

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